The Yale Student Energy Association operates on an annual cycle.

Fall Semester

  • Weekly Lecture Series: A weekly/biweekly lecture series that brings changemakers in the field of energy to educate the students of current issues with energy production as well as energy transition, and how they are working to help overcome these challenges.
  • Discussion Groups: Students are put in smaller, tight-knit groups where they get to meet new people and talk about energy-related issues. Students get to learn from other students with different backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of focus in a low-stakes, collaborative environment.

Spring Semester

  • Weekly Project Team Meeting: Students get to meet their peers and work towards the completion of a project of their choosing within engineering, policy, or business and economics. The teams have flexibility to work with any other interest group at Yale and take whatever approach they would like to an energy-related problem.
  • Weekly/Biweekly Mentor Meeting: Students get to meet their mentors to discuss progress, receive valuable insight, and learn from the mentor’s experience(s). Students may also use the time to learn from the mentors through workshops or lectures.
  • Final Presentation and Commencement: The last two meetings would be focused on giving students an opportunity to present what they have done in the semester to everyone, and explain how they have positively impacted their society. The process is topped off with a commencement, where the students receive certificates acknowledging their hard work and commitment.